Observed Rainfall Data
CoCoRaHS Site AL-MB-1
4.3 WNW of Tillmans Corner Alabama
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About This Page: The owner of the Personal Weather Station (CW1353) on this site
is also a rainfall observer (Gauge ID: AL-MB-1) with the CoCoRaHS network, which
is a large group of volunteers working together to measure and map precipitation
(rain, hail and snow). The aim of CoCoRaHS is to provide the highest quality data
for natural resource, education and research applications.
Visit CoCoRaHS to learn more about participating.

Rainfall data below is collected using a 4" Funnel Cooperative Overflow
rain gauge and available annually


Previous Year Data ----

Click on the table tiles below to enlarge:

Previous Year Monthly Rain
2019 Rainfall Climatology
Previous Year Observed
Rainfall vs. Climatology
2019 Rainfall Departures
Previous Year Rainfall
Departures Against Climatology



Past Year Data----

The table below are monthly totals dating back to 1996. Click the tiles to enlarge:



The table below shows rainfall distributions by month dating back to 2007
and monthly cumulatives/averages dating back to 1996.
Click the tiles to enlarge:

Monthly Rainfall Distribution
Monthly Rainfall Distribution
Cumulative Monthly Rainfall
Cumulative Monthly Rainfall
Rain Means
Average Monthly Rainfall